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Cuticle Nipper

Cuticle nipper is an essential part of manicure and pedicure nail and feet care respectively. It is used to trim tough cuticles and hangnails. Aliyaa International offers a range of durable and attractive cuticle nippers. It provides a variety of high quality mostly made of stainless-steel cuticle nippers and perfect for daily use in saloons and homes. A must-have item for removing dead skin, pushing cuticles, and hangnails. Value-added of cuticle nipper? A simple cutter may lead to bleeding of the live tissues. The cuticle nipper’s slim and sharp tips make it easy to cut the dead skin without causing any damage to the tissues around it. The cuticle protects the nail from infections, hence it is important to have a well-grounded and pointed cuticle nipper to remove only the dead skin. Why this tool is important? It is an essential part of the manicure and pedicure routine Must item for removing dead skin, rough cuticles, and hangnails The mandatory tool used for nail art that includes manicure and pedicure Alluring range of cuticle nippers available? The alluring range of cuticle nippers displayed on Aliyaa International include: - Multi-colored cuticle nippers Silver and golden cuticle nippers Gold cuticle nippers Simple stainless-steel cuticle nippers
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