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Foot Care Tool

Foot care is an essential part of personal hygiene. It contributes to general health and prevents many diseases. Foot care is critical for pre and post physical activity part. Are you conscious of the importance of foot care and know how to keep your feet clean? Then come and browse foot care items available at Aliyaa International. Foot care tool being offered? Aliyaa International offers a range of foot care tools that include: Double sided foot file for getting ready of extra and unwanted extra skin on heels Silicone gel socks are available to protect your feet from dirt in the environment Bath zipper mitts and cozies for hands are must have items for feet care Disposable hand and foot covers are available to those conscious of keeping their feet clean Stainless steel Foot care pedicure tools are available for a complete pedicure and gives a salon-kind pedicured foot. The ultimate aim of foot tools? Have you ever thought of the ultimate aim of foot tools? In general, they remover foot callus/coarseness and gives feet a neat and clean look. It is a must part of personal health. The coarseness is usually noticed around heels or on the sides of the toes. How to eliminate coarseness of feet? Use warm water and dip your hardened feet in it Keep it soaked for 10 minutes Apply a foot massager to soften the feet With the help of a callus remover/foot file, slowly remove the dead skin around the affected areas Unique range of foot and hands mitts? Aliyaa International offers a range of foot and hands mittens. Are you looking for that extra warmth or just disposable mitts? then come and browse our foot care items available.
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