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Foot File

Foot file is an essential tool to get rid of dead skin on feet. Aliyaa International provides exciting range of electric and manual foot file. In electric foot file, it is must easier to remove dead skin without putting extra pressure. However, with manual foot file, the user is expected to scrap the dead skin with a certain amount of pressure applied. The foot files come in various shapes and sizes. From easy to hold feet exfoliator in plastic and stainless steel. Aliyaa International offers best and high-quality dead skin exfoliators for an exhilarating pedicure experience for its users. Why foot filers? Coarse, cracked and dry feet look dreadful. Plus, cracked heels tend to accumulative dust. For a clean and attractive feet and as an essential part of foot care, it is important to use a foot file or a foot dead skin exfoliator. Value added of foot filers? What is meant by double sided foot file? Aliyaa International offers double sided foot file. Most of the foot files have two sides where one side is harder than the other. As a first step, make use of the harder side followed by the less coarse side. This applies to a manual foot file. In case of electric foot file, this principle does not apply and it gives amazing clean and even-handed results. An amazing range of foot files on Aliyaa International? Aliyaa International offers an amazing range of foot care tool that include Double sided plastic foot file
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