How to properly use a cream product for your eyebrows? Ointment, gel, cream, all fatty products

Today we are going to talk about eyebrows, and especially eyebrow makeup. If you are like me and your eyebrows are sparse or have little pigment (even in a light dark gradient like mine) you must surely want to have very clear eyebrows quickly in the morning without having to use 10 products.

There are several types of product to make up your eyebrows:

♥ Pencils: A more natural, light and above all precise rendering

♥ The powders: A more covering but less precise rendering

♥ Mascaras: Quick and ultra natural solution

♥ Ointments, gels or creams: A modular rendering but above all ultra precise and pigmented

I have a preference for the last type, the ointments . The only problem is that these products quickly become very difficult to work with, dry quickly and turn makeup into carnage.

If you are in this case, I reassure you, no need to throw away your favorite product, a little thinner and you’re done . But I promise, I’ll get back to it soon.

In this article, I am going to share with you my tips for having super clear eyebrows and especially not having them ultra full (practical for the everyday look).

Are You Ready ??!

My little tips for making up my eyebrows with a pomade or cream gel.

First of all, you should know that pomade is always used with a good eyebrow brush, it is essential. I even advise you to have two, one rather dense and the last one smaller to create an effect of “false hairs” to work lightly on the head of the eyebrow.

Building your eyebrows

Material level we therefore need:

♥ 2 beveled brushes: in my opinion, they are the best for having well-worked eyebrows

♥ 1 bottle brush: To brush our hairs before makeup in order to remove makeup or cream residue, small dust etc …

♥ 1 to 2 eyebrow gel / cream colors: ideally have 2, one the same color and one a little darker. But it is possible to modulate the second

♥ 1 make-up thinner: That of the Inglot brand, Duraline (I am preparing a complete review ^^ it will arrive in a few weeks) is very practical, a drop is enough to be able to work the product.

♥ 1 concealer and a small flat brush: To have a clear eyebrow.

Eyebrow Makeup: The Step by Step Tutorial

makeup eyebrow pomade gel tutorial
  1. Above all, brushing the eyebrows:

Put the eyebrows in the right direction, remove powders, makeup and other product from the hair in order to work on a clean base.

  1. (Optional) brush her eyebrows upward to clear the line:

If you are not used to it, I advise you to brush your eyebrows upwards to be able to work your line to perfection. So you can follow your eyebrow line without ugly hairs that spoil your view

  1. Put a small drop of thinner directly into the jar of our eyebrow product

This will make the product more fluid without altering it, it’s a bit like giving it a second life. The material will work much more easily

duraline eyebrow thinner
  1. Work the body of the eyebrow and the tail of the eyebrow with a dense angled brush

Better to start with the body and the tail before attacking the head (taken out of context, this sentence is really strange). This allows to have a uniform result and especially to better work the product, the color.

The eyebrows are always darker in these places.

  1. Work the head of the eyebrow with a small, low-density angled brush.

If you have a second color, your eyebrow color, now is the time to use it. If you only have one color, you just need to take a small amount of product with your brush and add a little thinner. This will make the product more “transparent” and therefore allow to have a natural effect.

Always work the head of the eyebrow in the direction of the hair, from the bottom to the top, never straight. Otherwise you risk having a somewhat strange result.

If you drool or run over, that’s okay, we’ll correct it with concealer.

  1. We finish with the concealer to clean the eyebrow

This will clean the underside of your eyebrow, but also hide the small regrowths (ugly ones).

With a flat brush, apply a little concealer under your eyebrow and on the tail. This will allow you to have an ultra net result in a jiffy.

All you have to do is degrade the material to avoid demarcations and powder it with a loose powder or a beige makeup.

easy tutorial eyebrow makeup

And now, voila. With just one little bonus product, you can have perfect brows with pomade or brow gel. And, the advantage is that you no longer have to throw it away when it is dry.

I hope you find this tutorial and its tips useful.

And you, how do you make up your eyebrows on a daily basis? What product do you use?

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