My advice & tips for managing compulsive shopping in cosmetics!

1.Define your needs

Before talking about the products and how I consume less, it is important to know your needs.

On a daily basis, I wear little makeup (a little foundation, my eyebrows and mascara). On the other hand, I let go on weekends with ultra worked and colorful looks. My purchases will therefore be focused on my needs.

My ground rules:

  • Buy mascara when mine is empty, ditto for foundation or concealer or my eyebrow products
  • Buy a palette only when 90% of it is useful or the eyeshadows are unique.
  • Don’t place orders on a whim.
  • Do not buy “useless” products just by trend (example: blue, red, pink highlighter etc … which do not suit me)

The ideal is to make a list of the products that you use the most, what you really need.

If you wear makeup to go to work, one or two nude palettes can be more than enough for you, for example. Knowing your needs is the first step towards stopping overconsumption .

stop over consuming cosmetic makeup

2.Finish a product before buying another

This is especially valid for dyed or liquid products. I always finish a product before testing another (or repurchasing the same one). At the moment, I have the #FauxFilter from Huda beauty and a dark Total control to mix and adjust the color …

As long as these are not empty or expired, I will not repurchase foundation? (Even if I really want to test others)

It is the same for the concealer, my Shape Tape de Tarte is still there and I will not buy another until it is not at the end of its life.

Basically, remember that cream products have an expiry date , it is better to be vigilant on this point. After the deadline (indicated on the small jar), the product has expired.

So you might as well finish it before buying another one and not throw money down the drain, right?

3.Define your eyeshadow and palette needs

I have a small palette collection, about fifteen I would say . So I have a wide range of color, finish, shade and with that I can achieve tons of different looks.

For the purchase of powder products, I have a color list, of “need”.

Questions to ask:

  • What are the colors that I already have?
  • Do I have similar good quality eyeshadows? (pigmentation, work with eyeshadows etc …)
  • Do I really like this palette?
  • When will I use it? What frequency?

I am more focused on flash colors, colorful and sparkling… I know that nude or brown palettes are not really in my priorities. Which saves me from buying products that I wouldn’t use.

Ditto for brands. I know I like big pigments, eyeshadows that work easily etc … So Urban Decay and Too Faced are no longer on my list (except for a change in the formula of the eyeshadows, of course)

I like to keep up to date with brand new products, but I don’t necessarily fall for when a product comes out =) like for example the special UD Game Of Thrones palette, I’m a fan of the series and before I would have jumped on this collection . Except that I don’t like the colors at all. So I didn’t buy it!

♥ Tip for collectors:

If you have a big collection, I’m sure you can’t remember all of your makeup. You can make a Swatchbook (I really have to present mine). It’s a small binder with canson paper, where you can store your swatch by color . It’s super practical when you are preparing a makeup or want to buy a palette.

better buy makeup

4.For blushes, bronzers and highlighter

I must have 4 blushes, 2 bronzers and some highlighter in my collection . Blush level, I know my colors , what I like, what suits me. My 4 blushes are more than enough for me.

I am not a fan of tanning, I only use it to modify my face in artistic, glam or horror looks.

With a tan palette, that’s more than enough to style and sculpt her face. Once you’ve found the right color, you don’t have to buy tons of them anymore.

For the highlighter it’s more complicated for me. I love this little product that brightens the complexion . I’m lucky to have received a lot of illuminators with the Nyx face awards , which allowed me to have a small and varied collection.

If you’re not doing an Instagram look or an ultra-advanced makeup, 2 or 3 highlighter will be enough for you , why not go for a full palette with blush, bronzer and highlighter?

buy your lipstick

5.Lipstick, gloss and lipstick

For lipsticks, it’s the same… If you’re a lipstick fanatic, why not make a list of the colors you wear the most? A small swatch book that lets you know which shades you already have. This will allow you not to buy the same color twice from another brand.

Ditto, unless you wear a lot of makeup, enjoy changing Ral’s color daily. Taking stock of your collection and these needs is a good way to avoid buying on impulse.

Questions to ask:

  • What are my favorite colors?
  • Do I already have this color?
  • Am I going to wear it at least once a month?
  • Do I really like the texture?
makeup shopping buying advice

I know that an article like that, on a beauty blog by a makeup gaga is quite strange… but I just realized that having hundreds of palettes, Ral’s etc… didn’t help me at all.

While doing my sorting, I rediscovered products, almost identical palettes in terms of color. Basically, by having too many products, I forgot what I had.

Of course, everyone is free to consume as they see fit, I am not a mother Thérèsa … I also have my weak points, however I try not to exceed a certain budget per quarter in terms of makeup.

Then, I only buy what I need or really, really, really want . If a palette comes out and catches my eye, I’ll swat it all the way around, look at the colors and see whether or not it’s worth buying it, if I really want those colors and especially if I’m really going to use it.

In any case, I try that this article will help you and that it will be useful to you.

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