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Paddle Brush

Paddle brush is an essential item of hair brushing without hazzle and hair being pulled. Come and browse variety of paddle brushes available at Aliyaa International. What is a paddle brush? It is a hair brush which is usually large in size, even and has plastic points. It works wonder for untying hair knots coarse hair and makes hair brushing a pleasant experience. Do you find it difficult to brush coarse hard hair? do your hair break while brushing? Then it is time to invest in a good paddle brush that allows the user to brush hair without experiencing any pain and for luminous look. Aliyaa International offers paddle brush made of wooden, boar and natural bristles. Benefits of paddle brush? Uniqueness of paddle brushes made of boar bristles Paddle brush made of boar bristles is great for hair for many reasons. Since time unknown, boar bristles are used as essential part of brush-making. The boar bristles are good for hair and for scalp as well. They are made of a material called keratin -in the same manner as human hair which is made of keratin. Hence it distributes natural hair oil evenly and gives a natural and shiny look.
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