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Trimming Scissors

Are you looking for a perfect trimming scissors? Do you run a salon and are browsing for a perfect set of trimming scissors to satisfy your clients through an attractive hair cut? Then come and visit us on Aliyaa International. We offer range of trimming scissors…the one right for you as a barber! Come and shop with us! What is a thinning and trimming scissors? A thinning scissor has a smoother fringe than the trimming scissors. It allows to cut heavier volume of hair and gives its end a softer and even look. It aids in removing coarseness from the hair and gives it a luminous touch. Trimming scissor, on the other hand, removes thicker heavier hair in comparison to the thinning scissors. If you are looking for an impeccable haircut, then a pair of thinning and trimming scissor is a must. Uniqueness of trimming/hair cutting scissors? Hair cutting scissors are unique due to: - So, if you would like to cut your own hair and don’t wish visit a salon in the wake of global pandemic, try out a pair of thinning and trimming scissors at our store and get a perfect hair cut for a luxuriant look. Aliyaa International provides stainless steel trimming scissors (made of Japan or Germany steel). For the convenience of users, the scissors come in all sizes-from size 4.5 inches to 6.5 inches.
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